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Wondering how to learn English naturally

English class, park study abroad, schoolchild, English, English conversation

Whiskey Lab is a laboratory mall where professionals working as practitioners in various fields of STEAMS education gather and provide lessons to children in English.

​ "I learned to speak English while playing after school."

English class, park study abroad, schoolchild, English, English conversation

​ Park study abroad

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英語教室, 公園留学, 学童, 英語, 英会話

Develop your English brain through a simulated experience of studying abroad in a park

study abroad in the park

Study in the park

Focusing on STEAM education, a fulfilling curriculum with the image of studying abroadprovided by schoolchildren

study abroad after school


what's Whiskey・Kids・Approach

The method that was born by researching the educational methods in advanced bilingual countries. 

 Most of the people speak two or more languages in advanced bilingual countries

because they have different childhood education methods.

Learning purpose

English is the tool for communication, not for getting good score in exam.

Learning style

Preschoolers and elementary school students

do not use textbooks

​No grammar

Emphasis on listening and speaking English

Related educational theories

Immersion education

​TPR education

​Critical period for language acquisition

Voices of guardians and users

Before I knew it, I started using English.

English class, Park study abroad, School children, English, Kanazawa

The other day, when I was playing in a park to study abroad, I was surprised when I started speaking English words.

Is it an image of going to an international school?

​It looks like my parents won't be able to keep up with me.

英語教室, 公園留学, 学童, 英語, 金沢

active in the world
To raise borderless kids

English class, Park study abroad, School children, English, Kanazawa

Representative Director Kazunori Yamayose


The issue of serious labor shortages due to the declining birthrate and declining population isChildren who bear the futurelevel up of "individuals"" and "Active generation (parents)environment where employees can concentrate on their work”.


We operate high-value-added international after-school programs, provide employment support that is close to families raising children,We provide a one-stop service for nurturing “borderless kids” who can think and solve problems on their own from a global perspective.

[Expertise] Engineer/Design Thinking/Overseas/New Business

[Strength] 2 to 12 years oldUp to 4 children, Japan/Europe/USA

Knowledge and experience nurtured under the diverse childcare and education systems of

英語教室, 公園留学, 学童, 英語, 金沢



Nozomi Sensei/ Nozomi

Specialty) Sensory


Colleen teacher/ Colleen

​specialty) design, craft

on leave


Mr. Chris/Christopher

​ Specialty) Game programming


Aya teacher/ Aya

​ professional) singer


David Sensei/ David

Specialty) Music Technology 


Teacher Mae/ Maёva

​ Professional) Business Management


Gig Sensei/ Gig

​ specialty) science teacher