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To raise "Borderless Kids"
who thrive in the world

English class, Park study abroad, School children, English, Kanazawa


~Change the world by prototype~

Making ourselves to be a prototype and produce the opportunities to change the society.


Contributing to solve the emerging social issue of declining working population. The issue has been worse as birthrate and aging population has decreased.  We approach the issue from two perspectives: creating a comfortable working environment for parents and getting the best out of children defining the future.  


Raising "borderless kids" who can think globally and solve the problems from global perspectives by providing a high-value-added after school which design the environment with learning and excitement together. 




Graduated one of the national universities in Japan with a degree in engineering.

Worked for an auto parts manufacturer as a developing engineer and practiced STEAM approaches such as "finding problems → solving problems → innovation".

Earned an MBA when 34 year old, and gained knowledge of management and connections. 

Assigned to UK, German, Italy, and US for about ten years and raised children (who were toddlers and elementally schoolers at the time) in the various childcare and education systems. 

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