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Wonder of Learning English effortlessly

``Weskii Lab's English Teaching Method''

that naturally teaches you everyday English


【ウェスキーラボ|Weskii Lab】は、義務教育と併用するインターナショナルスクールです。

【Weskii Lab】is a premiam after-school activity offered by Weskii Co., Ltd. 

We provide a place and activities for children to immerse in English

while they learn out-of-school programs and have fun.

Our goal is to be a one-stop platform that achieves to design an all-in-one environment;

out-of-school learning and excitement at one-stop.

Weskii Labは、​英語は教えませんが、英語で教える学校です

We recreate the process that babies learn their mother tongue in our English learning method

Babies hear everything around them as inputs for about two years. As they continue to hear voices and sounds, they starts to hum their favourite words. Then they start to use words and phrases which they are interested, and they can chat with parents by three year old. After that their vocabulary and reading comprehension naturally develops and they never lose it. 

On the other hand, people let babies to use books to learn vocabularies and grammars when we want them to learn English although they are still in the inputting period. People even test them on paper. If babies learn English following "the learning curve that relies on memory", their English brain would depend on their ability to memorize instead of naturally developed English brain which they never lose. 

Growth curve of English brain

Figure 2.png

The key of
early childhood education

Brain science of "Critical period" and mechanism of language acquisition

Figure 3.png

In neuroscience, "critical period" is the best time when you can acquire a skill. If its missed, there would be a limit that cannot be  solved with efforts to learn a skill.

"Critical period" of language aquisition is from when they are born to age of ten. Children in those ages develop their English brain naturally by immersing themselves in the English environment. However, the learning outcome is said to multiply when they have independency.

Therefore, it is important to consider form children's point of views; What is the theme that brings independency/enthusiasm from children?; What kind of environment can children focus for a long time in? Instead of parents' point of views, considering what educational method would be the best.

Let's study abroad in the park!
The park is a magical place to learn English.
  It has "interest and independency" and "long-time concentration", and more favourable conditions for language acquisition!

At Weskii Lab,

you develop your English brain through a simulated experience of studying abroad in a park



our registered trademark!

We don't use text-based education in early childhood, while their brain is flexible.

Instead, our new educational system takes independency from children to listen to and speak English.

We choose suitable play and materials for each age range of children from variety of curriculums.

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