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Study abroad in the park

Join our

study abroad in the park


at Weskii Lab and take the first step to being a bilingual kid!

Study abroad in the park is a new style of English lesson invented by Weskii Lab.
『公園留学』is  our registered trademark


It is a new style of English education that we keep them immersed in English and let them take the initiative to speak English. We do not use text-based education in early childhood when children's brains are so flexible. We change teaching style and materials according to their age group and keep an interesting environment.


study abroad in the park and coworking space

"Playroom", "English class"
nd "Workplace"
We offer a one-stop service for parents and children.

study abroad in the park

Children experience the simulated study abroad in the park by playing with a native/bilingual teacher in English only.

coworking space

In the nest room, you focus on your tasks and me-time while seeing your child enjoy playing through the window. 


Recommended for those who:

□ want me-time but do not want to leave my child.

□ look for an English class that my child WANTS to go to.

□ want to meet other parents and join a parenting salon.

□ are encouraged by their company to work remotely for work style reform.


Play Room

It's like playing with local friends in the overseas park 

A child gains English skills naturally by "focusing on what interests them" for "a long time" while "immersing themselves in English".

They learn English while playing with teachers in the kids' room.

Work Lounge

Focus on your work at just the right distance

Looking out the adjacent kids room through the window,Watch from just the right distanceYou can concentrate on your work and personal time.

Nursing room and diaper changing space are also available.

The heart of a child-raising mom


We regularly hold opportunities for interaction between mothers and fathers who are raising children.

We also have childcare salons that invite our staff nursery teachers, nurses, public health nurses, and outside lecturers.

\ You can try it for free /

Weskii Lab offers a free trial.
You can use all services free of charge for 30 minutes, so please feel free to contact us via the inquiry form or by phone.

*You can also invite your friends to join the experience. Please let us know the number of people who will participate.

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