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Weskii Lab and Partners 
Child-rearing support 

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We are looking for partners to collaborate !

Weskii Lab is looking for partners to collaborate in education and child-rearing support for a community!

Collaboration examples

【Part-time English teachers】
Please teach children your expertise at Weskii Lab! We expect something fun for children! (e.g. Science, boardgame, programming, dance, yoga, instruments, craft, art, cooking, etc.)

【Study support】
Please open a tutoring school at the Weskii Building and provide the study support opportunity for children at Weskii and our neighbours.  

Please offer a course at the Weskii building and provide children an opportunity to learn about culture. (Piano, violin, calligraphy, abacas, karate, chess, cooking, flower arrangement, etc.)

【Seminars and events】
Are you looking for a place for a seminar or an event? Please use Weskii Lab! We offer a suitable place for parents-targeted seminars and events. Children will enjoy their free trial of our "study in the park" program while parents will attend seminars.
(Financial seminar by FP, Housing seminar by house builder, friends' birthday party, etc.


Weskii-lab is looking for partners to collaborate in child-rearing support.

​ Please feel free to contact us.


Thank you for your inquiry.

We will be in touch with you shortly.

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