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After School


バイリンガル保育園のWeskii International Preschool|ウェスキーインターナショナルプリスクール


〒920-0043 石川県金沢市長田2丁目26-11
TEL : 076-231-0710  Mail:



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  • Can I have a free trial or tour?
    We accept free trial of 30 minutes at any time. Please feel free to contact us.
  • Is it okay if I speak English for the first time?
    The purpose of studying abroad in the park is to have fun with your English teacher. Don't worry, you don't have to force yourself to speak English.
  • Do parents have to wait in the work lounge during the course?
    Parents are asked to wait in the work lounge while children under elementary school age are attending. Also, if you are a continuous member who meets certain criteria, you do not need to wait for a guardian. Criteria: Attendance history of 20 hours or more, and have taken classes of all main instructors.
  • コワーキングスペースでの過ごし方を教えて下さい
  • Is there a parking lot?
    Yes. There is a free parking lot for 6 cars. If the car is full, please use the nearby coin parking. ・Two cars on the 2nd floor of the Otemachi Daiichi parking lot next to our building (No. 18, 19 "Weskii Lab" plate sign) ・4 cars on the 1st floor of this building (there is a "Weskii" plate sign)
  • Can I have a free trial or tour?
    We accept applications at any time. Please feel free to contact us.
  • Is it okay if I speak English for the first time?
    English is the main language used in school. However, there will always be a teacher who can speak Japanese in the classroom, and we will provide a stress-free environment according to the child's English skills.
  • I haven't removed my diaper, is that okay?
    Sorry. Children who are out of diapers are eligible.
  • Is extended storage possible?
    Yes. As a paid option, we can keep your luggage until 8:30 p.m. Fee: 770 yen/30 minutes (tax included)
  • Do you have a pick-up service?
    Yes. As an optional paid service, there is a pick-up service from "school to our school" and "our school to your home or lessons". The pick-up area is within 15 minutes (6 km radius) by car.
  • Can I join anytime?
    You can join at any time if there are vacancies.
  • Do you have an information session for admission?
    A briefing session for 2023 will be held at any time. You can check it here.
  • Is there a selection test?
    There is a screening test for the after-school study abroad course. After participating in the information session for parents, the selection test will be conducted in sequence.
  • Is it possible for just one day a week?
    Yes. Choose from 1 to 5 days a week, depending on your family circumstances.
  • I have other lessons, so I can't fix the days of the week I go to.
    There is a [3-days-a-week flex course] for children who cannot set a fixed day of the week.
  • Is it possible to change the day of the week or frequency of classes?
    Yes. If there is a vacancy in the number of people accepted, we will accept changes.
  • Can I withdraw at any time?
    Yes. Please apply by the 1st of the month before you wish to withdraw.
  • After I withdraw, I would like to join again.
    You can re-enroll at any time if there are vacancies. If you withdraw from membership and re-enroll in the same year, there is no enrollment fee or annual operating fee.
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